Hamish Ganga
Hamish GangaFounder, MobiPT
Mr. Ganga came to the U.S from France in 1999 to play college basketball. Unfortunately his injuries did not allow for a professional career but Ganga wanted to stay in sports , so he would spend the next 11 years as a fitness coach and later would open his own training facilities in the twin cities where he focused on training his affluent clientele, many of which were executives and business travelers. In 2014, just right after opening his third studio in Minnetonka (Affluent western suburb of Minneapolis) and expanding his fast growing business to Chicago, he came up with an idea. A way for road warriors to stay active while they're traveling on business. With the help of his devoted clients he was able to make his dream come true in 2016. While the app is how users connect with trainers, Mr. Ganga had to single handedly build and vet his army of qualified trainers in the launching cities. Ganga says: "If I can't hire the trainer myself to kick my own butt, I'm not getting them on the app. I only want the best trainers the city has to offer."
Ali Reda
Ali RedaSales Manager
Ali Reda moved to the United States from Toronto, Ontario in 1999. Since he could walk, Ali was a devoted soccer play. It was on the field, that he got his first taste of competition and the feeling of winning. Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in business management with a major in finance, Ali took a job with a small company in West Bloomington, MN called King Controls. Throughout his eight-year tenure, he was able to build and maintain multi-million dollar accounts while leading a team of six. Ali took a lot of pride in wearing many hats at King Controls, including sales management, warranty director, service manager, and account audit manager. In 2010, Ali began working in financial sales for American Equity, spending the next 7 years of his career building and managing top performing teams in multiple markets. Ali is known for elite sales techniques, insightful and impactful trainings, and helping team members reach their individual goals. "Because I have a strong understanding of the needs of both the client and the sales team, I have the capability to uniquely meet both needs. Too many managers fail to see how that understanding is key. I figured out some time ago that if my main focus is on supporting the needs of both my clients and team members, I will always find myself winning." — Ali
Brett Hakes
Brett Hakes Sales Associate
LaToya Peterson
LaToya Peterson Sales Associate